About Us

Arise is a custom software development company whom develop business solutions mostly using Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Windows applications and websites.

Arise was established in early 2015 after purchasing key software applications that David has personally developed, supported and managed for over 12 years; GDPro, GDPro Grants and GDMA.

  • Years of experience with Maori trust, incorporations and accountants regarding ownership and grant registers.
  • Extensive financial background in managing small to medium businesses.
  • Development of business software and web solutions for a wide range of customers.


has been a software engineer for over 20 years. His role is technical manager and main support person for all products produced by Arise. He managers a team of developers and is still hands on development himself.

He has been a developer of Maori ownership registers and grant applications since 2002. Technology changes has allowed for the upgrading of the applications to provide new features with an increased presence on online solutions. As time progressed, the role changed to project lead in which involved hiring developers, project managing the work, overseeing budgets, product and service quality but still retained the key support person of the products.

Prior to this, he had been developer in other companies, such as the SIMPL Group in Auckland and Telecom (now Spark) mobile division.


is an experienced business operator that has been in charge of multi-million dollar businesses in Hamilton for over 12 years. She currently is head finance officer for The Lawrenson Group, Hamilton, in charge of the accounts team that oversee over 13 bars and restaurants. Her role is financial controller and more importantly, business advisory.


works in the office and assists David with administration services that is done on behalf of trusts and organisations.


our offsite core software engineers.

We have a team of developers that are offsite as we understand the importance of work-life balance.