Technical Support

As of June 2015, Microsoft New Zealand is providing us technical support and resources for 3 years to assist Arise Software Ltd reach its vision on growing the product range to the online and mobile arena.

GDPro - Ownership Register System

Maintain owner records, process successions, produce distributions, administer payments and provide reporting.

Scanning of Documents

This uses the barcode produced from GDMA to link documents (such as birth certificates) directly to the owner record in GDPro/GDMA.

Annual General Meeting Management System

Works with GDPro to record AGM attendance and voting on resolutions. This comes free with GDPro.

GDPro Grants Administration System

For the processing and administration of grants such as Kaumatua, education and Tangihanga grants.

Online Education Grants Registration

This site is to complement the Grants application by allowing applicants to register grants online. The registrations can then be transported into GDPro Grants.

Iwi Register Online

Used for registering people, children and Whakapapa against Hapu. Last count was over 5,000 applicants. There is also an offline version.

Online Unclaimed Monies Register

Using GDPro, it is as easy as clicking a button to upload unclaimed monies to